Instruction on how to make honey straws for your business or at home.

Step 1

Warm the honey with a honey blanket to 100 degrees.

Step 2

Seal one end of the straws by placing them into the sealing jig. Make sure they are in good and even across the top. Lift the arm of the heat sealer. Place the jig against the machine, so the straws are aligned on the heating screen. Press down firmly until the light comes on, but keep it held down until the light goes out and an additional 5 seconds after that. This is to make sure you have it good and sealed. You should see a nice, clean sealed edge. Take the straws out and put them aside and keep doing this until you have enough to fill the honey straw machine or as many as you want to fill in this session. Keep in mind that the machine holds 36 straws and every slot must have a straw in it every time.

Step 3

Take your straws, with one side already sealed, and slip them into the honey filling machine. Make sure the machine is off when loading straws. Slip the straw into the hole and snap it into the bracket. Slide it back slightly so that the sealed end rests against the back end. Keep going until you’ve filled all 36 slots.

Step 4

Turn the machine on and let it get up to full speed. It needs to be at full speed before you add the honey. Starting with 150 ml (milliliters) of warm honey, slowly pour it into the center reservoir of the machine. You will see it begin to fill the straws. When you have finished slowly pouring the entire amount into the machine, get yourself a little bit more honey and keep an eye on the straws to see how the filling process is going. Some will fill faster than others, but if you have put the right amount of honey in the reservoir, the honey will eventually get into the other straws. Once most of the straws are fully filled, turn the machine off and lightly touch the bottom of the rotational disk with a finger as a gentle brake to slow the machine, bringing it to an easy stop.

If you have a couple that are not completely full (it happens), you can either turn the machine back on and add a little more honey, or you can remove the full straws, replace them with empty straws and repeat the process. Those straws will fill. Keep this process going until you have as many straws made as you intended to. You can fill a small syringe with honey and top any stubborn straws. You don’t want them filled to the tippy top anyway – see Step Five.

Step 5

Once the straws are full, pinch the open end, taking just enough honey out to leave space for no mess sealing. Do this over the pour container to save the honey you pinch out. You will get the hang of it!

Step 6

Load each filled straw into the sealing jig, like you did to seal them the first time. Make sure all of the straws are level, even across the top. Put the jig against the heat sealer, with the arm up, press down firmly until the light comes on, then wait for it to go off, and then five seconds more, and then release.

Congratulations! Now you have your own honey stick, made with your own honey!!

Keep a clean damp cloth beside you while you do this part to gently wipe the heat machine between seals. This keeps the honey from building and burning on your sealer, prolonging the life of your heat sealer and its parts.

Step 7

Fill a large clean bowl or bucket with warm water – NOT HOT – and use it to gently rinse and/or wipe your honey sticks to make sure they are not sticky. Place your clean sticks on a clean paper towel or regular towel and pat dry or leave to air dry.

Step 8

When you have finished all of your straw filling for the day, detach the disk from the motor, wash and rinse with warm water – NOT HOT – and a soft cloth. No harsh abrasives or chemicals. The machine and parts are NOT dishwasher safe. Allow the disk to fully air dry before using it again. We recommend washing immediately for a fast and easy clean up.